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Cool Greenhouse

In the "Cool Greenhouse" you will see plants suitable for growing in a greenhouse, porch or conservatory. All make wonderful gifts which we will wrap for you in cellophane, with bow and card, FREE of charge. The selection of plants is constantly changing with the seasons. From the end of February, we have young plant cuttings and plugs. March is time for our fabulous spring colour bowls ideal for Mothering Sunday. By the beginning of April, we have plants to make hanging baskets with. May starts the bedding plant season and sees our Hanging Basket open weekend when we sell our famous "Fuchsia baskets" and "Hanging Basket plant selections". By June and July, the greenhouse is just a riot of colour which keeps going and going, constantly changing until the beginning of September when autumn creeps in and we start with winter Pansies, Cyclamen and Orchids taking us through to Christmas.

Cool Green House Cool Greenhouse